With over 20 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Commercial Banking, and Wealth Management, Farrell Griswold comes to the table with some serious financial planning chops. It’s at the core of Farrell’s expertise in personal wealth management, however, where you’ll find his true calling: helping people. From individuals and families to small business owners, Farrell relishes the opportunity to develop and implement financial strategies that help decrease financial stress and increase the quality of life. Working with Farrell means experiencing a side of personal wealth management you never knew existed, one where clarity, attentiveness, and your best interests come first.

Farrell Griswold



With sweet brown eyes and an even sweeter presence, Ivy adds a subtle yet important familial element to our Aspire offices in downtown Bend. In tune with people and their emotions, Ivy fits in seamlessly with our compassionate approach to personal wealth management.